Our general practice is above all preventive, based on vaccination and screening tests.

At the same time, if your animal develops a disease, vomits, coughs … our veterinary clinic will be there to treat it.



Capitelles Veterinary Clinic offers a vaccination service for your dogs and cats to prevent various harmful diseases giving them a peaceful life.

Canine Vaccination

From just two months old, you can have your puppy vaccinated against the most harmful diseases such as distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, rabies, kennel cough, piroplasmosis, canine leishmaniasis …

Feline Vaccination

The best protection for your cat is vaccination. The risk of catching the most common contagious diseases can be harmful to their health and even lead to their death.

From the age of two months, it’s time to vaccinate them to protect them!

These diseases are all as harmful as each other: coryza, leucosis, typhus, rabies.

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Pet Sterilisation

Capitelles Veterinary Clinic also performs convenience surgeries in an operating theatre dedicated solely to sterilisation-related procedures: female cat and dog ovariectomy, male cat and dog castration.

Sterilisation is recommended to avoid various problems: urine marking and scratching for males, unwanted litters and various infections for females.

Screening test

Taking a screening test at the Capitelles Veterinary Clinic allows for better veterinary monitoring of your animal.

We know that, without a diagnosis, it’s impossible to receive adequate treatment, our vets help you provide the right care and keep your dogs and cats healthy.

We screen for diseases such as F.I.V, Fe.L.V, leishmaniasis but also parvovirus and herpesvirus…

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Additional examinations

Some diseases may require additional examinations in order to refine our diagnosis and find the causes of the disease.