General Surgery

Our general surgery services include canine and feline castration and canine and feline sterilisation.

We also perform more specific surgery such as digestive surgeries, as well as surgeries related to oncology, such as tumor removal.

Our clinic performs surgeries in a dedicated operating room equipped with an anaesthetic machine, a cardiac and respiratory monitoring device, an electric scalpel, an apnea detector …

Whether it is for convenience surgery by appointment or for more complex surgery, we are always ready to welcome your dogs and cats under the best conditions.

Adjoining the OT, a pre-op room and a recovery room allows all types of general surgery to be performed.

Orthopedic surgery

Our orthopedic surgery department analises the possible diseases of your animal’s musculoskeletal system: muscles, bones, joints …

The clinic is equipped to operate on your dogs and cats for various orthopedic pathologies such as fractures, cruciate ligament ruptures, kneecap dislocations …

Symptoms such as lameness, pain, difficulty walking and jumping require your attention and we advise you to visit our clinic where we will take care of your animal.